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Take your website to the top of Google with our full suite SEO services. Partner with the best SEO company to rank higher, drive more traffic, and earn and convert more qualified leads. Our tech-driven platform, A-list SEO team, and custom SEO campaigns will make SEO a key revenue driver for your business and transcend it to new heights.


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Drive More Organic Targeted Traffic to Your Website.

The top-ranking website gets 49% of the traffic on Google. SEO services facilitate accurate targeting of your core audience, driving more relevant traffic to your website. Also, SEO drives 1100% more organic traffic than social media.

Increases Customer Acquisition Rate at Low Cost.

SEO cost is lower than paid advertising. The best SEO company will optimize your website for both users and search engines and drive easy-to-convert leads to your website, increasing your sales and reducing your acquisition cost.

SEO Increases Your Online Visibility and Credibility.

The top 3 search results get 75% of the clicks, enhancing your online visibility and placing you right in front of active in-market customers. Therefore, higher organic rankings translate to greater customer trust and higher credibility among patrons and peers.

Our SEO Process

Research & Audit

Search engine optimization consultants in our SEO company conduct in-depth research about your business, target market, website, audience, and competition. We analyze and audit your SEO activities and other digital marketing tactics to diagnose foundational issues affecting organic search performance.

The preliminary website audit entails:

  • Competition Analysis
  • Audit the Website SEO Structure
  • Assess the Website Content
  • Audit Existing Links
  • Keyword Performance

SEO Strategy

After mapping out where your website stands, we set measurable goals tied to specific business objectives such as driving qualified traffic to your website, improving your conversion rates, and maximizing your online revenue in our SEO action plan.

Finally, we perform the following functions to design an SEO strategy that guides our campaign implementation and evaluation tactics:

  • Curate a List of Keywords
  • Analyze Google’s First Page
  • Optimize Your Website
  • Optimize for Search Intent
  • Build Quality Links to Your Site
  • Create Content

Keyword Planning

Keyword planning is the core of any SEO strategy. At Marketing Revive, we gain an in-depth understanding of your consumers’ searching patterns and behaviors to create a list of high-intent, high-impact keywords to be optimized.

Preparing a detailed keyword planning helps us:

  • Define the Audience
  • Identify ROI-Driven Keywords
  • Create Targeted Content
  • Streamline Our SEO Services
  • Track the Campaign Progress
  • Ensure Campaign Success

Website Optimization

We optimize every element of your website to make it more user-friendly, search engine friendly, and conversion-friendly. Our dedicated website development team performs technical SEO on your website to enhance its speed, usability, and functionality. In addition, we write compelling content to attract and retain visitor interest and optimized meta tags to attract search engines. 

With our SEO company expertise, Google will know who you are, what you do and send relevant traffic to your website.

Off-Page Optimization

We generate new growth opportunities through off-page SEO by creating engaging content, generating social mentions, and building quality backlinks.

Our off-page optimization process will reach and educate your target audience and guide them through your purchase funnel, propelling sales and long-term business growth.

We help you build relationships and not just links.

Analyze & Reporting

We will constantly track, monitor, and evaluate campaign progress through a series of SEO reports detailing metrics such as organic traffic, keyword ranking, bounce rate, CTR, etc.

Our SEO marketing company determines and analyzes KPIs to ascertain campaign performance and induce modifications if required. We will provide you with the following reports:

  • Site Health
  • Organic Traffic & Engagement
  • Organic Conversions
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Monthly Progress Report, etc.


We create sustainable growth opportunities and revenue streams for our clients through our cutting-edge SEO services.


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SEO Consulting Services FAQs

SEO focuses on improving your presence on search engines like Google and Bing. SEO helps search engines recognize that your website is relevant for users looking for information about your products or industry.

By doing so, SEO boosts your rankings on search engine result pages and takes your website to your target audience. 

Increased visibility for relevant audiences translates to an increased volume of targeted traffic to your website and better sales.

Book a free consultation with our SEO agency to learn more about it.

An SEO company is a company that partners with businesses to improve their search engine visibility. SEO companies have optimization skills and expertise to customize your website for search engines and people alike. 

An SEO agency has a team of experienced industry experts and advanced tools and techniques to stay on top of process disruptions and industry updations.

As a result, their SEO services improve your organic rankings, translating to a higher volume of targeted traffic, easy-to-convert leads, and more sales.

The cost of SEO services depends on factors such as:

  • The scale and size of your business
  • Degree of competition in your industry
  • The scope of SEO work required to outrank your competition

Most agencies offer their services on a monthly retainer, which on average costs about $2000-$3000 per month. You can opt for SEO packages at the low end at $1000 per month, while high-end packages for enterprises could well go up to $50,000 per month.

The best SEO agency will help you choose a package that works best for you.

Three key variables determine how soon you start seeing results from your SEO campaign – competition, content and backlinks quality.

Besides, the degree of expertise and trend-savviness of your SEO agency affects this process too. Usually, it takes about 5 to 6 months to see decent results from SEO. 

If your industry and location are not fiercely competitive, you may see results in 3 months or so. But the true impact of an SEO campaign is only experienced after 10-12 months.

That’s when you start to see accurate, tangible results and are in a position to outrank your competition.

Local SEO is a sub-discipline of SEO that gives your business more visibility on local search results. Local SEO differs from ‘regular’ SEO in that it optimizes your website or a web page for a specific local area.

Also, Google uses a different set of unique ranking signals for local SEO, such as:

  • Location of the searcher
  • NAP citations
  • Google My Business profile
  • Online reviews
  • Google Maps ratings
  • Social media shares, etc.

Local SEO can be a crucial revenue driver for businesses that depend on the local community as it targets local customers and makes your business more accessible to them, both online and offline. Partner with a local SEO company in Los Angeles, San Diego, or wherever you’re based, to realize its true growth potential for your business

Finding the best SEO company is important as their skills and experience determine your SEO campaign’s success.

The best SEO agency will have these attributes:

  • All-round expertise in full-suite digital marketing services
  • Experience in delivering trackable SEO campaign ranking.
  • Advanced tools and technology and industry experts to curate high ROI SEO campaigns
  • Transparent pricing structure and service contracts
  • A dedicated consultant to guide you on every step of the process

Look out for these attributes to hire a company that offers the best SEO services.

We always stay on top of SEO trends – Google algorithm updates, new ranking factors, latest SEO technology – we have it covered! 

Partnering with our SEO company will help your business drive and convert qualified leads at low acquisition costs, maximizing your profits and ROI.