We are a full-service digital marketing company specialized in delivering revenue-driven email marketing services. We help businesses launch effective email marketing campaigns to boost customer engagement, capture and convert new leads, and re-engage old customers.

Partner with our email marketing company to build a community around your brand with personalized marketing emails.



You can capture hot leads and boost sales.

Generate easily convertible leads, win back abandoned customers and increase return customers rate with hyper-targeting email marketing campaigns. Send personalized messages informing customers of discounts or special offers to motivate a purchase.

Email marketing drives 3800% return on investment.

Businesses earn $42 in revenue for every dollar spent on email marketing campaigns. With a higher ROI than every other digital marketing tactic, email marketing is the most profitable direct marketing channel.

Collect actionable data on campaign performance.

Email marketing campaigns are measurable with actionable insights on what is working and what needs to be improved. By A/B testing and applying metrics insights, you can gauge your campaign performance and optimize it to meet your KPIs.

Expand your reach and create top-of-mind awareness.

Almost 4 billion people use email, and 99% of users check their emails every day. So get in front of your audience regularly by sending timely marketing emails and increase awareness.

Foster strong customer relationships.

Emails help establish one-to-one communication with customers and provide a medium to nurture customer relationships. Stay connected with customers, achieve higher customer retention rates, and build brand loyalty with personalized emails.

Email marketing creates an immediate impact.

Marketing emails deliver results faster than most marketing channels. Promotion marketing plays like a 24-hour sale through emails, and your website will be flooded with leads and orders, unlike with traditional marketing, where you have to wait for weeks to see the campaign impact.


Lead Generation

Run lead generation campaigns and nurture quality leads with our best email marketing campaign strategy. Our email marketing agency helps you create a loyal customer base with a constant supply of high intent leads.

Make your campaigns more efficient with bespoke marketing emails designed to capture consumer intent.

Email Automation

Stay in touch with your audience and onboard new customers with automated emails. Make email marketing more efficient with properly timed drip email campaigns that reach the audience at the right time.

Partner with our email marketing company to add a human touch to your communication and streamline your email automation.

Email List Building

A high-quality email list is critical to achieving your email marketing objectives and ensuring a high open-rate, CTR, and conversion rate. We help you build a fresh and updated email list of customers with past purchasing history and those who opted for your mails through the website or other sources.

Hire the best email marketing service to minimize email budget wastage on cold leads.

Email Marketing Automation

Automating your email marketing gives you access to advanced features that help segment customers by their behavior, targeting them with specific content, and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns.

Adapt and track every email interaction with our marketing automation software that saves time and effort at every step of the customer journey.




We define clear, measurable goals for your business before launching an email campaign. Then, with strategic planning, our email marketing agency ideates campaigns that best align with your marketing goals.

Partner with us to zero in on the most effective strategy to engage with your core audience and motivate them to buy from you.


Our email marketing agency deploys flawless email campaigns by sending out action-triggered emails to customers based on the customer’s buying journey.

With an impressive email delivery rate of over 95%, we ensure that your brand communications get in your leads inbox.


Your email creative and copy influence the click through rates and conversions of your campaign.

Our agency delivers the best email campaign service with custom-fit designs, crisp and concise copy, and visually scannable emails to hook your readers’ attention and encourage your audience to make the purchase or take action.


The quality of your email list, subject line, email copy, and design are scrutinized for perfection in our email audit.

Our email marketing services are characterized by extensive email audit reports to diagnose and rectify potential campaign flaws and deliver a campaign primed for success.


We integrated leading SEPs into our marketing and sales tools and CMS to save time and efforts, simplify data collection and analysis, and foster a unified marketing process.

So get in touch with us to reap the benefits of seamless communication with the target audience. Here are some of our email integration services:

  • ESPs’ API integration
  • WordPress Integration
  • Funnel Email Integration
  • Ecommerce Integration

Testing & Optimization

Our email marketing company implements advanced testing and optimization techniques that help us figure out what design, copy or call to action motivates customers to buy—leverage our testing and optimization capabilities to run a high-performance email marketing campaign.

Some of the testing techniques we conduct are:

  • Split Testing
  • Distribution time testing
  • Audience segmentation testing
  • Landing page testing


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Email Marketing Services FAQs

Email marketing is a highly profitable digital marketing strategy that entails sending marketing emails to acquire new customers and prompt old customers to make repeat purchases. 

Email marketing is a tremendous brand-building channel as it is cost-effective, highly targeted, and guarantees exceptional returns on investment.

Hire our email marketing services to deploy a refined and revenue-driving email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is an effective way of boosting brand awareness and customer engagement. Here are a few reasons why you must prioritize email marketing:

  1. More than 255 million Americans use email.
  2. Emails help in building brand awareness and loyalty through targeted messaging and personalization capabilities.
  3. They are measurable with insights on valuable metrics like delivery rates, open rates, click through rates, and bounce rates.
  4. Properly timed emails can trigger impulse buying
  5. .Email marketing is cost-effective and delivers a 4200% ROI
  6. Email is the #1 channel to distribute content

The best email marketing service providers can leverage the fantastic potential of email marketing to push prospects further down the sales funnel and help your business grow from strength to strength.

Email blast is the process of sending emails in bulk to a large number of subscribers. This technique is not recommended as it takes the element of personalization away, bombards people with cold messages, and lands you

in the spam folder. At Marketing Revive, we strictly adhere to marketing best practices in our email campaign services.

Drip email marketing is a series of emails sent at specific times and dates to deliver value and guide customers through the buying journey. Drip email campaigns are automated responses to audience action, which improves click-through rates. Keep in touch with the audience, re-engage with customers and automate different email marketing processes with targeted messaging offered by our email campaign services.

Open rate is a metric that determines the percentage of people who open your emails. Open rates differ depending on the industry your business belongs to.  Nevertheless, you should aim for an average open rate of 18 percent to keep up with the competition and reap good returns from your campaign. Optimize your subject line and copy and send emails with the right frequency to increase your open rates.