Design is About:

Narrating your brand story through striking visuals. Generate Awareness and Build Credibility

75% of people judge a brand solely based on its visual impact. The design depicts everything your brand promises for your audience in the most memorable, aesthetically beautiful form.

Our digital design company will transform your brand message into epic designs to convey your value proposition at every customer touchpoint.

Let us help you gain a competitive edge over your rivals with attractive brand-focused designs and creatives.


Great designs make a great brand;
a great brand makes a great business.

Creativity differentiates your offerings from your competitors.

A creative design establishes a memorable and instantly recognizable visual identity for your brand, which accurately reflects your company’s values and goals.

Our graphic design services will help you create unique visual concepts and design assets to increase brand awareness, build a niche for your business, and put your brand in your customers’ minds.

Design attracts new customers in a cluttered market.

The good design increases product sales, customer base, and social media engagements by grabbing audience attention, encouraging them to learn about your business,3 and keep coming back to check out new content.

With good graphic design and creatives, you earn audience trust, gain high visibility, and convert your audience into buyers.

A creative design conveys your brand message quicker and better.

The human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text. Visual creatives can share your brand messages effectively to a constantly distracted audience with short attention spans. Our full-service creative agency delivers professionally designed creatives to create a positive impression on your audience, imprint your core USPs and invoke the right emotional responses.

Our design & Creative services

Graphic Design

Shape positive brand perceptions with iconic graphics.

Graphic design is more than just stunning color combinations or pleasing visuals. It’s the art of translating your brand essence into meaningful visual elements.

We are specialized in delivering custom graphic design solutions that create distinct perceptions and elicit positive emotions among your prospects. Partner with us to create strong, crisp, and inventive designs that strengthen your branding and optimize user experience across key touchpoints.


Marketing Collateral

Build cohesive brand identity with custom marketing collateral design.

Build a professional image and consistent voice for your brand with our marketing collateral design services. Digital banners, social media creatives, or brochures – we create designs that suit the tastes and preferences of audiences across different online platforms. Leverage our diverse skillset to establish a strong visual foundation for your brand and drive real conversions.

We will help you create top-of-the-mind awareness with memorable visual experiences tailored to buyer journeys.


Packaging Design

Maximize your product’s shelf impact with a standout packaging design.

Over 66% of the consumers have tried a new product due to its package design. An effective package design can easily set a product apart from the competition.

We deliver on-trend and on-brand packaging designs for your products to catch the eye of the buyer on crowded shelves. Our package design services will ensure your product is a crowd-puller with strategic, research-driven, compelling designs that reflect authenticity and inspire purchases.


Video Production

Videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

Videos have helped increase website traffic for 6 out of 7 businesses. Our video production services will deliver stunning, conversion-focused videos made with cutting-edge technology. Our team of strategists, editors, designers, and copywriters creates authentic videos that clearly differentiate your brand from the competition.

Partner with us and we will handle everything from initial conceptualization to post-production to connect on a deeper level and leave a mark on your audience.

Motion Graphics

Bring your brand and business to life.

Connect with your target audience through the power of storytelling embedded in a customized motion graphic video.
Our motion graphic videos are made with the latest 2D animation techniques to help your target audience absorb your brand message effortlessly.

Our talented 2D animators follow a unique 4-step approach of listening, ideating, crafting, and delivering to create motion graphics that maximize your campaign’s ROI.



Win dream clients, and raise money for your startup with stunning pitch decks that seal the deal.

Whether you’re making a sales pitch to get a new client, presenting your business at a seminar, or conducting training sessions, we’ll make your information impactful and visually compelling with slick, easy-to-understand presentations.

We’ll ensure that all your product USPs are conveyed in the demo to motivate them to buy. Our digital creative agency takes your raw content and turns it into a polished professional presentation that grabs your audience’s attention and delivers your message.


How We Elevate Brands?

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Why partner up with Marketing Revive?

We bring your ideas to life.

We are one of the premier creative marketing agencies that breathe life into your vision with thoughtful designs. We create designs that can accelerate conversions for clients by 300% and strictly deliver 100% unique and customized graphic design solutions that truly reflect your brand essence.

Our designs aren’t just beautiful - they sell

Designs that wow the audience are great; designs that motivate them to buy are even better. Our digital creative agency delivers designs that strike a chord with your audience and prompt them to learn more about your business and become your customer.

We have a team of award-winning designers.

A team of industry experts leads our digital creative agency, each proficient at various aspects of creative designing – from conceptualization to final execution and post-implementation analysis. Our designers have access to the best design software and tools to deliver top-notch work every day.

We offer the full range of creative design services

We are a digital design company that offers full-suite innovative design services, including visual identity design, illustrations, motion graphics, animation, packaging design, etc. Fulfill all your design requirements under one roof and save yourself the hassle of working with multiple teams or freelancers.

We are more than just a creative design agency

We are a full-service creative agency with expertise spanning all disciplines of digital marketing. We have specialists dedicated to SEO, PPC, social media, web design and development, and email marketing to create a flawless online presence for your brand with a holistic approach.

Design & Production FAQ

Digital graphic design uses compelling visuals to communicate with the target audience, engaging with your business through digital platforms. Digital graphic design is used for landing pages, UX wireframes, websites, banner ads, social media creatives, app design, and email templates. It is essentially graphics produced for viewing on-screen. Hire our branding and graphic design services to gain access to experts who understand the specifics of designing for digital platforms.

Creative designing is creating authentic designs that demand imaginative and visually inventive skills. Creative designing is all about coming up with new ways to get the message across to the audience. It involves using novel tactics to visually grab the attention and requires the designer to have an artistic flair for deploying creative excellence while not deviating from the brand’s core message.

Our graphic design solutions blend analytical thinking and artistic ability, making us an excellent fit for your creative graphic design requirements.

A suitable graphic design has specific characteristics that help to capture the attention of your target audience instantly. Here are a few attributes of an excellent graphic design:

  1. The right blend of lines, colors, shapes, and space
  2. Easy to read and clutter-free
  3. Interactive design
  4. Excellent viewing experience
  5. Suited to fit the nature of different digital platforms,

Team up with the best design agency in Los Angeles and beyond to get a great graphic design created for maximum audience impact.

Video production refers to the entire process of creating a video. It involves pre-production, production, and post-production. The pre-production deals with the ideation and planning part, which includes ideation of strategy and writing the script. 

The production stage is where the video is created either by shooting in an actual location or a studio, depending on the client’s budget and several other factors. Finally, in the post-production phase, the shots are merged together, and special effects apply and edited to the video. Hire our video production services to enhance your brand image and showcase your products or services better.

Businesses must invest in quality graphic designs from one of the top creative marketing agencies to stand out in an over-saturated market. Graphic design is essential for the following reasons:

  1. People make judgments about a brand just by looking at the design 
  2. Good designs go a long way in establishing credibility
  3. Graphic designs help make a powerful impression
  4. Great visuals promote brand recognition and top-of-mind-awareness
  5. It gives your brand a polished look 

Schedule a consultation with the best design agency to uplift your brand with creative graphic designs.