Branding is About:

Create An Identity That’s Uniquely Yours Generate Awareness and Build Credibility

Branding is so much more than just a logo and a website. The correct branding shapes customer perceptions, elevates your reputation and generates overall better outcomes.

Our creative agency helps connect with your audience on a deeper level by delivering a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints. Develop an unforgettable brand image and emerge as a market leader with a solid branding strategy.


Why branding is the soul
of a successful business.

Branding separates you from the ordinary.

Branding sets you apart from millions of businesses similar to yours. Our creative branding agency creates a brand persona that is uniquely yours, based on what is uniquely yours. Create audience awareness and gain an edge over the competition with a stellar branding strategy.

Branding boosts marketing ROI by 25%.

Branding serves as a strong foundation for all your marketing activities and develops a distinct tone for your brand across all platforms and marketing channels. Consult our branding company to maintain marketing uniformity and foster an unwavering relationship with customers.

Branding strengthens business credibility.

Solid branding increases your credibility within your industry and your customers. It helps you gain their confidence and positions you as an expert in your niche. Our full-service creative agency will help define your brand DNA and win customers with a recognizable brand identity.


Branding is at the heart of everything we do. Every detail and decision we make is purposefully crafted to motivate your audience to buy from you and turn them into lifelong customers. Our creative branding agency will develop an engaging brand story that resonates with your audience and lures them towards you. We’ll add a dash of personalization to all touchpoints across your brand to help you connect with your customers in authentic and transformative ways.

Our brand experts have helped the best companies in every category with brand strategy and positioning, naming and brand architecture, developing visual identity systems, taglines, and brand management.

Whether you are a startup, an established business, or planning to release a new product, we help you spark your desired market and produce a two-way conversation with your target audience.

How We Elevate Brands?

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Why Should You Partner With Marketing Revive?

We Build Brands, Businesses, and Bottom Lines.

Imagine a world where customers and employees are excited about your brand, your business is booming, and your audience connects and relates to you. 
We can take you there!

We Understand Your Customers and What They Desire.

As a creative branding agency with over 20 years of experience, we differentiate your business from your competition by understanding the buyer persona and streamlined marketing tactics. That’s why we conduct extensive customer research to identify key customer segments, analyze behaviors, and understand requirements, why and how customers use a particular product, etc. Our branding strategies are tailored around the inferences of this research to attract your target customers and maximize ROI.

We Translate the Essence of Your Business into Visual Form.

Our creative agency gives your brand an iconic identity by creating a thoughtful brand name, a timeless logo, exciting product designs, and invaluable branding assets. We capture the soul of your business and incorporate it into a mesmerizing visual identity that compels audiences to notice and remember your business. We nurture long-term relationships with visionary clients and elevate their business with our visual, brand-focused storytelling skills.

We Give Your Business a Genuine, Standout Identity That’s Distinctively Yours.

We’ll collaborate with you to develop a brand persona that touches the mind and heart of your target audience. Creative branding experts at Marketing Revive will convey your brand’s values, vision, message, and mission through multiple channels. Our disruptive branding services will help you tear through the clutter by accentuating what makes you one of a kind.

We Are a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency with Comprehensive Capabilities.

We eat, drink, and sleep digital marketing. Literally, from branding to blog writing, mobile app development to market research, and print collaterals to paid advertising, we do it all. 

Whatever digital marketing tactic you seek to employ, you’ll have an industry expert handling it for you, so you can focus on what you’re good at. With our end-to-end digital marketing expertise, we’ll create an audience-first brand that moves your business forward.

Branding FAQ

A brand strategy defines the purpose of your business and aligns all the marketing activities with being in sync with your pre-defined goals. The USP of your brand, the impression you wish to have on prospects, and how you build your brand image all come under the ambit of brand strategy. A brand strategy helps you define:

  • Your brand’s personality traits
  • Positioning 
  • Brand story 
  • The creative elements (logo, color palette, design) that shape your brand’s architecture

Consult our branding agency to implement a brand strategy with marketing professionals who will skilfully elevate your brand to its highest potential.

Our mission is to help our clients to connect with their audience, whether they target local customers or looking to reach nationally, by creating a custom web marketing strategy tailored to generate demand, stand out from the competition and drive revenue growth in their targeted market. We have never lost sight of our goal to provide the highest quality of digital marketing and design services to small and medium-sized businesses across a wide variety of industries such as Retail, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Healthcare, and Hospitality.

Brand positioning is a conscious effort to shape customers’ perceptions about your brand. Instead of letting your target audience make assumptions about your brand, you employ strategies to make customers think of your brand the way you want them to. 

This includes analyzing your strengths, determining your USP, and communicating it to the audience through your brand story and positioning statements. From crafting your logo to your in-store activities, your brand positioning must be evident in everything you do. We are a branding and design company specialized in ideating brand positioning strategies that maximize positive public perceptions.

A branding company focuses on developing a brand from scratch by understanding your business, market, and audience and setting it apart from your competitors. A branding agency knows how to communicate your purpose and value to the audience in the right manner. They help you narrate your story to the audience in a way that builds an authentic and long-lasting connection with them. 

Get in touch with us to implement a powerful branding campaign that will give your business its unique voice, communicate your values and vision, and engage potential customers.

A branding agency engagingly conveys your brand story to the target audience. If you hire one for your business, it will perform the following tasks on your behalf:

  1. Builds a unique identity for your business 
  2. Helps with brand positioning 
  3. Prepares brand guidelines 
  4. Makes sure that all the digital assets created to reflect your brand voice 

Book a consultation with us to work with seasoned branding experts who have a keen understanding of what works best for your business.

The branding process is a series of activities that involve the ideation and execution of strategies to convey your brand’s personality to the audience. 

Below are the five stages involved in the branding process:

  1. Brand research and audit 
  2. Developing a branding strategy
  3. Creating a corporate identity with the help of visuals
  4. Creating brand assets that perfectly uphold the identity
  5. Launching the brand 

Our branding company will help create a unique identity for your brand that shapes a positive perception among your target audience. No stress, no hassle, just great branding, and design.

Absolutely! Online branding supports your business growth in many ways. Here are a few benefits of investing in online branding:

  1. Stronger brand recognition
  2. A positive experience for buyers from the search phase till the conversion stage
  3. Builds solid reputation paving the way to good customer reviews 
  4. Customers trust businesses with an active online presence
  5. Increases brand value

Our creative agency can help you have an omnichannel approach for your business with online branding and drive long-term success and goal realization.